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Article: Tips for Choosing the Right Size Press-On Nails

press-on nails H198 - PINKTASTIC

Tips for Choosing the Right Size Press-On Nails

Getting the right fit for press-on nails is super important if you want them to look great and stay on. This guide will show you two easy ways to get the sizing just right - using those little sample sizing kits or measuring your actual nails. With a sizing kit, you can try on different nail tip sizes until you find the perfect fit for each finger. Or you can measure the widest part of your nail beds and match those measurements to a nail size chart. Either way, taking a few minutes to get the sizing correct pays off big time. Your press-ons will lay flat and smooth without any lifting or popping off. Follow along and you’ll nail the sizing every time!

press-on nails H198 - PINKTASTIC

How Do You Use a Sizing Kit?

Get the Right Kit for Your Style

The very first step is ordering a sizing kit for the exact nail shape and length you want. Whether you’re into stiletto nails, coffin, almond, or squoval - get a kit specifically made for that style. The sizing is different across the various nail shapes.

Try On the Sample Nails

Inside your sizing kit, you’ll find a bunch of numbered plastic nail tips to sample. Start by picking a size you think might fit your nail, then gently place it on top of your natural nail. Give it a little wiggle to check the fit.

Look for the Perfect Fit

The ideal fit is when the nail tip covers your entire nail from one sidewall to the other without any overhang. But it shouldn’t feel too tight or pinched on your nail either. You want it to lay completely flush and smooth against your nail bed - not too loose and not too snug.

Note Down the Numbers

Once you’ve found that perfect fit for each nail, make note of the size number printed at the very tip of the sample nail. Jot it down for each finger so you don’t forget. This nail tip number is the size you’ll order for your custom press-on set.

Using a sizing kit takes all the guesswork out of finding the right fit. Just try on those samples until your nails feel juuust right!

How Do You Measure Nails for Press-Ons?

How Do You Measure Nails for Press-Ons?

If getting a sizing kit isn’t an option, there’s no need to worry! You can easily measure your nails yourself to get those perfect custom sizes. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Start with Your Pinky Fingers

    Grab a piece of paper and make two columns - label one “Left Hand” and the other “Right Hand.” Measure all 10 nails, beginning with your left pinky finger and working across to your right pinky.

  2. Use a Little Tape Trick

    For each nail, tear off a small piece of scotch tape or masking tape. Firmly wrap it around the nail, going from one side edge straight across to the other at the widest part of the nail bed. Smooth it down so there are no bubbles or wrinkles.

  3. Mark Those Nail Edges

    Using a fine-tipped permanent marker, make a small line where the tape meets the left and right edges of the nail. These lines will show the exact width to measure.

  4. Measure in Millimeters

    Take out a ruler with millimeter markings. Carefully measure the distance between those two little lines made on the tape. Write this number down in the corresponding finger column on the paper.

  5. Convert to a Nail Size

    Once all 10 nails are measured in millimeters, use a sizing conversion chart to match those measurements to actual nail sizes. Most nail brands have these charts on their websites for different shapes and lengths.

  6. No Need to Stress Over Math

    Doing all those tiny measurements and conversions may sound fussy, but it’s easy once you get the hang of it. Just take it one nail at a time until you have all the custom sizes!

  7. Don’t Skip the Dominant Hand

    One pro tip - be sure to measure both left and right hands separately. For most people, the dominant hand has slightly larger nail beds. So don’t assume they’ll be the same size!

With tape, a marker, and a ruler, you’ll have your nail measurements ready for ordering a perfect custom fit. Measuring gives you full control over sizing.

How to Convert Nail Measurements to Sizes

Once you’ve carefully measured each nail in millimeters, you’ll need to convert those numbers into actual nail sizes. This is where those handy sizing charts come in! Here’s what you need to know:

Find the Right Nail Size Chart

Nail brands provide sizing charts on their websites that match up nail widths to their numbered nail sizes. But heads up - you need to use the right chart for the specific nail shape and length you want. The sizing is different for stilettos versus coffin or almond nails.

As an example, here’s a common nail size chart showing the sizing for standard nail lengths:

Right Nail Size Chart

Write It All Down

As you convert each nail, jot down the size number next to the matching finger - left pinky, left ring finger, and so on. This master list of sizes for all 10 nails is what you’ll reference when ordering your custom press-on set.

While it adds an extra step, converting your measurements lets you get fully customized, precision-fitted nails using the nail brand’s standardized sizing. No guesswork required!

Why Should You Measure Both Hands Separately?

It’s important to measure both your left and right hands separately when sizing for press-on nails. Here’s why you don’t want to assume the sizes will be the same on each hand:

Your Dominant Hand May Be Larger

For most people, the nails on their dominant hand (the hand they write with) tend to be slightly larger than their other hand. This is because the dominant hand goes through more use and subtle nail-bed stretching over time.

Size Differences Are Common

Even a half millimeter or one millimeter difference in nail width between your hands can mean needing a different nail size to get that perfect, flush fit. These small variances between hands are totally normal and expected.

Don’t Guesstimate Sizing

While the size disparities may seem minor, you don’t want to guesstimate and use the same sizes for both hands. Taking inaccurate measurements increases the risk of the nails not fitting correctly.

Prioritize Fit Over Matching

If there is a noticeable size gap between your hands, prioritize getting that ideal fit on each individual nail rather than trying to force the same sizes on both hands for visual symmetry. An improper fit means nails can lift and pop off.

By measuring each hand separately, you ensure every single nail gets sized to precision for a flawless, long-lasting manicure. Once you have the perfect fit, you're ready to adorn your nails with the latest nail art trends that combine beauty with individuality.

rocking amazing press-on nails

Nail Your Perfect Fitting Press-Ons!

Getting the right fit is everything when it comes to rocking amazing press-on nails. No one wants nails that pop off or lift up at the sides - you deserve a flawless manicure that lasts! Whether you go the sizing kit route or measure your nail beds yourself, taking the time to get those sizes down pat is so worth it. With your accurate nail measurements and sizes in hand, you can order up custom press-on nails made specifically for your unique nail shape. No more guesswork or ill-fitting nails. Just a seamless, gorgeous set tailored to your nails' every curve and edge. Don't sleep on that perfect fit - nail it from the get-go and prepare for press-on bliss!


Should press on nails be smaller or bigger?

Press on nails should be the right snug fit - not too small or too big. Slightly bigger is better than too small, as you don’t want pinching.

Why are my press on nails hurting?

Your press on nails are likely hurting because the size is too small, causing them to pinch your nail beds. When nails are too tight, they put uncomfortable pressure on your nails. The solution is to size up to a slightly larger nail. Press on nails should fit snugly but not be so tight that

    they dig into your nails and cause pain or discomfort. A properly fitted nail will lay flat and smooth against your nail bed without any pinching or squeezing. If your current nails are hurting, try going up one nail size for a comfortable, pain-free fit.

    What if press on nails are too big?

    If the press on nails are too big, you can file them down to the proper size. Pick out the oversized nails and use a nail file to gently saw back and forth, concentrating on the sides and corners of the press-on nail. Try it on as you go and keep filing as needed until you achieve the perfect fit. Make sure to wipe off any remaining dust from filing before applying the resized nails.

    What if my press on nails are too small?

    Press ons that are too small will pinch, pop off, and feel uncomfortable on your nails. Size up to the next larger nail size for a better fit.

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