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Article: 10 Best Summer 2024 Nail Trends

Indulge in sweet style with our H110 Ice Cream Press-on Nails.
Nail Trends

10 Best Summer 2024 Nail Trends

Nail trends are always evolving with the seasons. For summer nails 2024, the biggest looks are all about easy, wearable styles. Even as we lean towards more low-key, natural vibes, it's clear that innovative trendy nail art designs for 2024 will still capture hearts. With options ranging from super shiny nails to soft, creamy neutral shades, even the simplest little accents can be transformed into an act of expression. Clean shapes and a touch of sparkle mean that low-maintenance fashion doesn't have to be dull. Whether you prefer your nails trimmed short and squared-off, or you're looking to add some subtle flair, there's a wealth of fresh, cute options for everyone to explore this summer.

1. Dainty French Tips: A Modern Twist on a Classic

This summer’s fresh take on the traditional French manicure is all about minimalism. Enter the “floating French tip” - a pared-down version with just a whisper of a lighter shade on the nail tip.

Indulge in sweet style with our H110 Ice Cream Press-on Nails.

How to Get the Look
Start with clean, natural nails. Apply a sheer base coat followed by 2-3 thin coats of a pale pink, white, or nude polish on just the very tips of your nails. The key is choosing a color just 1-2 shades lighter than your natural nails for a soft contrast.

Using a thin brush, carefully outline the tips, keeping the color concentrated at the very edges. Finish with a high-shine topcoat for a delicate yet polished look.

For a quick fix, you can also achieve this look using press-on nails with the floating French tip already done. Simply file down the nails to your desired length.

The floating French tip is the perfect way to dip into the French mani trend without going over-the-top. The subtle, soft color gives you just a hint of that classic French tip look in a wearable, low-key way.

The dainty pointed tips elongate the look of your nails, while the sheer neutral shades have a barely-there elegance. It’s a fresh, modern twist on a tried-and-true nail style.

2. Glazed Doughnut Nails: The Ultimate High-Shine Mani

One of the biggest nail looks for summer 2024 is recreating that freshly glazed, ultra-glossy doughnut finish on your nails. This glass-like, high-shine effect is achieved by layering different textures and glossy top coats.

features classic French tips with a touch of glitter for a subtle sparkle, all on a clean white base.

How to Get the Glassy Glazed Look
Start with a ridge-filling base coat to smooth out the nail surface. Then apply 2-3 coats of an opaque cream nail polish in your desired shade. Once dried, follow with a thick glossy top coat like a high-shine gel seche vite. The key is to let each layer dry completely before applying the next.

For an extra glossy effect, try layering different top coats - like a thick jelly top coat over a super shiny quick-dry top coat. This doubles up on the glassy look.

Glazed nails look stunning with neutral tones like chocolatey browns, mushroom grays, or pearly whites. But the glossy look also pops with brighter shades like corals, bubblegum pinks or robin’s egg blues.

3. Short, Square and Simply Nails: The Minimalist Mani

Bare, trimmed nails have an effortlessly chic vibe that complements summer’s relaxed spirit. The lack of color or nail art allows you to fully appreciate the natural nail plate and shape.

Keeping nails short and square creates a neat, groomed look without the fuss of a salon manicure. This minimalist style is not only effortless but also the perfect way to let your nails recover after removing acrylics, gels, or other enhancements. For those considering a switch to a more nail-friendly alternative without sacrificing aesthetic appeal, exploring the differences in press-on nails vs acrylic – which is better?, can provide valuable insights into maintaining beautiful nails with less potential for damage.

H12 - COFFEE LATTE - ROUND press-on nails

How to Get the Look
The key is maintaining a short, squared-off shape through regular trimming using a nail file or clippers. File the nails into a straight edge rather than an oval for a clean, modern square shape.

Light buffing can add a subtle, natural looking shine to bare nails. Finish with a nourishing cuticle oil or hand cream to hydrate and highlight the clean nail beds.

For those who prefer a hint of tint, you can apply a sheer, nudish polish or even press-on nude nails for an instant no-polish look. Lovful offers a variety of square press-on nails in shades like Stardust, Aurora Light, Treasure, and Silver Wind for an effortless minimalist mani.

Simple and low-key, summer nails 2024’s short, square naked nails epitomize the wearable, effortless nail aesthetic.

4. Chocolatey Nudes: The Luxe Neutral Mani

For a sumptuous take on nude nails, try rich chocolate milk-inspired shades. These creamy brown-based neutrals have an irresistible warmth and depth. Unlike flat tans or pinks, chocolate nudes have a dimensional, liquid metallic-like finish. The brown undertones give them an earthy, textured quality that flatters every skin tone.

How to Get the Shades
Some covetable chocolate nude polishes:

  • OPI Chocolate Shake
  • Essie Lush Calypso
  • Zoya Louise
  • Butter London Toff

For a multi-tonal look, layer a milkier tan over a richer cocoa base. Or get instant chocolatey nudes with press-on nails.Top with a glossy coat for a lacquered effect or go matte for a velvet finish.


press-on nails H95 ASTROLOGY  STILETTO


Deliciously creamy yet low-key, chocolate nude nails nail summer 2024’s luxe neutral obsession.

5. Aura Nails: The Enchanted, Cosmic Mani

Aura nails use seamless color fades across the nails in sheer, ethereal shades. Often accented with shimmery chrome powders or 3D studs for extra cosmic dimension. With a new age, spiritual vibe, these manicures have an enchanting, magical quality - from celestial cloudscapes to holographic horizons.

How to Get the Otherworldly Effect
For a subtle aura, try a sponge ombre gradient at home using translucent polishes just 1-2 shades apart.For intricate, multi-color designs with embellishments, book with a nail artist skilled in these Y2K-inspired styles.


press-on nails H74 Sleeping Beauty Plaza


You can also get instant aura nails with quality press-on sets featuring the dreamy ombre effects.Enchantingly out-of-this-world, aura nails are a must-try cosmic mani this summer.

6. Simple Rhinestone Accents: A Fresh Take on Bling

This summer, it’s all about adding just a few rhinestones to your nails for a chic, understated look. Rather than going overboard with crystals, the goal is to create a small pop of sparkle that’s both stylish and effortless.

Placing a couple of tiny gems at the base of your nail or off-center on one side can instantly elevate a simple mani. It’s a fresh, modern way to wear bling without going too far.

How to Nail the Look
To try this at home, start with a sheer pink, nude, or white polish as your base. Once it’s dry, use nail glue and tweezers to carefully place 2-3 small rhinestones on each nail. Keep it minimal - a little sparkle goes a long way!

Seal in the crystals with a thin, quick-dry top coat for a smooth, long-lasting finish. Skip the thick, goopy top coats that can make the rhinestones look cloudy.Instant Bling with Press-Ons.

For an even easier option, look for press-on nails or stickers that already have the rhinestones perfectly placed. Brands like Lovful have a great selection of rhinestone press-ons in various colors and designs, from deep sea-inspired blues to radiant pinks and greens with a hint of black. Choose designs with tiny crystals in clean lines or cool placements for a modern vibe.


Retro Shortbread – Coffin press-on nails


With just a touch of shine, rhinestone accent nails are the perfect way to add some easy glam to your everyday summer nails look. The delicate gems catch the light beautifully, giving your mani a luxe feel without being too much.

7. Pretty Bows: A Feminine Touch to Your Nails

This summer, bows are back in style for nail art. Adding a cute 3D ribbon or a simple bow outline to your nails is a sweet way to make your mani look girly and fun.

Bows can be playful without seeming too childish. When done in clean lines or small 3D shapes, they have a fresh, grown-up vibe that’s both cute and fashionable.

Different Ways to Wear Bows
There are many ways to put bows on your nails. For a subtle look, add a tiny 3D bow at the base of each nail or paint a simple bow outline on a neutral color using a thin brush.

If you want something bolder, create a fun design with bright, contrasting bows on bare nails. Or use matte and glossy polishes in the same color to make textured bows.

Sparkly or textured polishes can make your bow designs pop even more. Matte top coats and chunky glitters also give your bows a unique finish.

Can’t do nail art? No problem! Press-on nails with bows already on them give you an easy, perfect look. Choose from small 3D bows, graphic outlines, or fancy metal bow charms to fit your style.

square pressure nail h194

Cute and trendy, bow accent nails are the ideal way to add personality to your summer mani. With so many colors and styles, you can easily mix this classic look into your own signature nail art.

8. Sheer, Rosy Nails: A Classic Color Goes Modern

One of the hottest nail colors this summer is a light, sheer pink. This barely-there shade feels fresh and modern, while still giving off the timeless beauty of a pale pink mani.
The see-through finish lets your natural nails show through, giving the look a clean, simple elegance. The pink tint looks great on everyone and goes perfectly with summer’s light, flowy styles.

Must-Try Polishes
To get the look, go for sheer, jelly-like polishes in soft pink shades. Some popular picks:

  • Essie Ballet Slippers: A classic pale pink with a glossy, sheer finish
  • OPI Bubble Bath: A creamy pink that’s been a salon fave for years
  • Zoya Loretta: A buildable pink with a touch of shimmer for a pearly glow
  • Dior Nail Glow: A sheer pink that enhances your natural nail color

For the most natural vibe, use 1-2 thin coats. Add more layers for a bit more coverage that still shows your nail.

H44 mermaid tail curve press-on nails


Sheer pink press-ons are perfect for an instant mani. Look for short, natural shapes with a glossy finish for an effortless summer look.

Pretty and polished, the sheer pink nail is a forever favorite for a reason. The soft wash of color is easy to wear and instantly pulls together any outfit. It’s a must-have mani for summer 2024 and beyond.

9. Oyster Nails: The Mermaid Magic

Oyster nails, also called seashell nails, are super popular this summer. They have a shimmery, iridescent finish that looks like the inside of an oyster shell.
The pearly shades change colors in the light, creating a dreamy, magical effect. From soft pinks and purples to cool blues and greens, these colors have a liquid-like look that’s both pretty and edgy.

How to Get the Glow
To do the oyster look, start with a white or light base color. Then, add a shimmery polish that shifts between different colors. Some great shades to try:

  • ILNP Juliette: A soft pink with a green-gold shift
  • KBShimmer Iridescent Exposure: A silvery purple with a blue-green flip
  • Cirque Colors Oyster Bed: A light gray with a pink-gold shimmer
  • Starrily Mermaid Scales: A cool aqua with a purple-gold shift

For even more glow, add a pearly or iridescent top coat over your color. This will make the color-shifting effect stronger and give your nails a liquid-like shine.

You can also find press-on nails and nail wraps with the oyster look already done. Look for designs with a chrome-like shimmer or a metallic color-changing effect for an instant ocean-inspired mani.

Casino Party Trash Nails – Square


Totally magical and on-trend, oyster nails are the perfect way to add some mermaid vibes to your summer nails style. The shimmery, color-shifting finish is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

10. 3D Nails: The Eye-Catching Appeal of Dimensional Designs

This summer, nail art is going 3D. Nail artists are using different techniques to create eye-catching, textured designs that really stand out.

From sculpted flowers and fancy bows to jeweled accents and raised geometric shapes, these designs add depth and visual interest to your nails. The 3D elements can be subtle or bold, depending on the size and detail of the design.

How to Achieve the Look
Making 3D nail art takes a steady hand and special tools. Some common techniques are:

  • Acrylic sculpting: Using a liquid and powder to build up shapes and designs
  • Gel molding: Shaping thick gel polish into raised designs and curing it under a special lamp
  • Embellishments: Sticking charms, rhinestones, studs or other decorations to the nail with gel or glue
  • Appliqués: Adding pre-made 3D elements like fake flowers, bows or metallic accents

While you can do some simple 3D designs at home with careful placement of embellishments, most of these looks are best done by a professional.However, for those aspiring to achieve salon-perfect nails at home, learning the right techniques and acquiring essential tools could bridge the gap. Skilled nail artists have the tools and know-how to sculpt detailed designs and secure the raised elements so they last.

If you don’t want to commit to salon-sculpted designs, press-on nails and nail stickers are an easy way to try out 3D looks. Many brands now have options with raised elements like studs, crystals and metallic accents for an instant, eye-catching mani.

Bold and beautiful, 3D nail art is a surefire way to make a statement this summer. Whether you go for dainty dimensional details or all-out textured designs, these looks add an artistic, edgy touch to any outfit.

Ready, Set, Nail It!

The summer of 2024 is all about embracing easy, wearable nail trends that add a touch of style to your everyday look. From simple and chic naked nails to pretty bow accents and dreamy oyster hues, there’s a trend for every taste and occasion. Whether you prefer a subtle wash of sheer pink or a bold 3D design, the key is to keep things fresh, effortless, and fun. So, go ahead and experiment with these looks to find your perfect summer mani - your nails will thank you!

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