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One of the best-selling designs White French tips embellished with dazzling rhinestone aurora borealis press-on nails.H36 - Aurora Light - Square
H84 - Stardust - SquareH84 - Stardust - Square
H26 - Gummy Bear Glam - SquareH26 - Gummy Bear Glam - Square
full rhinestone press on nailH46 - Eternal Stunning - Square
H48 - Angel's Tear - Squareradiant French tip press on nail
Hand showcasing H103 Treasure Trove square press-on nails by Lovful, decorated with colorful gems and glitter, set in a pink box against a pink pleated fabric backgroundTreasure Trove press on nails
H65 - Lovkashi Flower - SquareH65 - Lovkashi Flower - Square
sweet elegance press on nailsH34 - Sweet Elegance - Square
red rhinestone press on nailH39 - Flaming Sex - Square
H38 - Pink Typhoon - SquareH38 - Pink Typhoon - Square
silver wind rhinestone press on nailssilver wind rhinestone press on nails
H22 - Red Sole - SquareH22 - Red Sole - Square
dancing spirit press on nailsH79 - Dancing Spirit - Square
H20 - Funny Bunny - SquareH20 - Funny Bunny - Square
Fairy Garden Press-On Nails 10PCS Set with butterfliesfairy tale garden press on nails
H153 - Dare to Roar - SquareH153 - Dare to Roar - Square
Yellow press-on acrylic nails with sunflower patterns and bee accents displayed in a pink Lovful box. Hand with matching nails holding the box.Hand with long square-shaped press-on acrylic nails in bright yellow with sunflower patterns, bee accents, and jeweled decorations against a pink background. Multiple rings on fingers, featuring designs like an 'H' and a flower.
Press-on nails from Lovful's 'Pink Bliss Blush' collection in a pink box. Nails have a pink gradient style with heart shapes, pink crosses, cat designs, and planet motifs. A hand models the bliss press on nails
H57 - Boho Rhapsody - SquareH57 - Boho Rhapsody - Square
berry shake press on nailsberry shake press on nails
H45 - I Can Fly - SquareH45 - I Can Fly - Square
H53 - Chance - SquareH53 - Chance - Square
H51 - Locomotive Girl - SquareH51 - Locomotive Girl - Square
H96 - Shimmer Blossom - SquareH96 - Shimmer Blossom - Square
H75 - Deep Sea Classic Rhinestone - SquareH75 - Deep Sea Classic Rhinestone - Square
Silver snake-shaped ring with intricate scale details and snake head design, coiled around a finger. Text on image reads 'R2'.Hand wearing adjustable fashionable metal ring with intricate design labeled 'R1,' partially covered by black sleeve
Sleeping Beauty press on nailsH74 - Sleeping Beauty - Square
clown press on nailsclown press on nails
H139 - Clown - Square Sale priceFrom $34.99
H28 - Young Forever - SquareH28 - Young Forever - Square
Lovful Nail Glue Gel 20ml for Press On Nails, dark red tubes with black caps on a pink gradient backgroundLovful solid nail glue gel
Hand displaying long white square-shaped press-on acrylic nails holding a Lovful pink box containing similar press-on nails against a pink pleated fabric background.Hand with long, square-shaped, white press-on acrylic nails against a pink background, adorned with multiple rings including a red gemstone and gold rings. High-quality press-on nails by
H60 - Pink Glitter - Squarepink French tip rhinestone press on nails
Aquarius zodiac sign press on nailsAquarius zodiac sign press on nails
little blue bear press on nailsHand with long square press-on nails in bright blue designs, adorned with French tips, rhinestones, and 3D gummy bear decorations, wearing gold and diamond rings.
safari love press on nailsHand displaying 'Safari Love' press-on nails with hot pink French tips, black leopard prints, glitter accents, and butterfly and bow charms on a pink background.
H165 - Obsidian Palace Black - SquareObsidian palace press on nails
H81 - Pop Art - SquareH81 - Pop Art - Square
H61 - The Street Dancer - SquareH61 - The Street Dancer - Square
Hand displaying Lovful's Snowy Moonlight press-on nails with winter-themed designs including snowflakes and sparkles, neatly arranged in a pink box against a pink fabric background.Hand showcasing Lovful's Snowy Moonlight press-on nails with various winter designs, including candy cane stripes and snowflakes, against a pink background.
H47 - Barbie Mariposa - SquareH47 - Barbie Mariposa - Square
Ten black coffin-shaped press-on nails in mid-length on a dark textured background, labeled 'H11'.Hand with long, sleek, and shiny black press-on acrylic nails with a glossy finish, reflecting light for an urban chic look.
H11 - Dark Angel Sale price$19.99
H176 - Flora - SquareH176 - Flora - Square
H162 - My Sweetie - SquareH162 - My Sweetie - Square
H174 - The Palace of Murals - SquareH174 - The Palace of Murals - Square
H98 - Dollar - Square
H69 - Dreamy Sky Luxury - SquareH69 - Dreamy Sky Luxury - Square
H43 - Crystals Magic - SquareH43 - Crystals Magic - Square
H123 - illusion - SquareH123 - illusion - Square

Lovful: Where Nail Art Meets Handmade Perfection


Can I shape and customise my nails?

Lovful Nails allows you to upload your own design of press-on nails and create a one-of-a-kind nail set with your own unique design.

My nails are falling off.

Don’t worry! If some nails peel before others, it’s usually because the glue isn’t applied evenly. Add more glue to your natural nails, then add a little to the back of your fake nails and reapply.

Watch our video tutorial to make sure you do the application right. To get a great manicure, you need to prepare carefully and follow the instructions.

How do I remove my Lovful Nails?

Soak nails in warm water for 10 minutes. Carefully lift the sides of the fake nail and remove it. Soak for another 2-3 minutes if the nail is still on. For video tutorials, please visit.

How do I select the right nail size?

We have 10 Pcs nails and 24 Pcs Free Size nails set. for the 24 Pcs set, we have 12 different sizes for you. 24 Pcs set is also a great gift idea! For the video tutorials of measuring your nail sizes, please visit video tutorial

How do I apply my new Lovful press on nails?

Remove old nail polish. Start by removing old nail polish. Then trim your natural nails to the desired length.
Wash your hands. Wash your hands with soap and water.
Buff and prepare nails. Buff each nail with the nail file. Use the wooden stick to push back cuticles. Then, clean each nail with an alcohol wipe.
Choose fake nails. Choose the right size nails for each finger and put them in the right order.

Apply the adhesive tab. Attach the adhesive tab to the artificial nail. Remove the film.
Attach to your natural nail. Align the nail with your cuticle and press down firmly.

Glue Application (For Up to 14-Day Wear)
Apply glue to the artificial nail. Spread glue on the back of the artificial nail.
Apply glue to natural nail. Put a dot of glue on your natural nail.
Fix the nail in place. Align with the cuticle and press the nail on for 15 seconds.

Professional Tips
Water Contact: Don’t let your nails get wet for the first hour.
Apply enough glue. Use enough glue to make it secure and last longer.
Remove excess glue. If you apply too much glue, wipe it off.