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Aurora Light white French tip press on nailsH36 - Aurora Light - Square
H84 - Stardust - SquareH84 - Stardust - Square
H26 - Gummy Bear - SquareH26 - Gummy Bear - Square
Jelly GlueJelly Glue
Jelly Glue Sale price$6.99
full rhinestone press on nailH46 - Eternal Stunning - Square
H48 - Angel's Tear - Squareradiant French tip press on nail
H103 - Treasure Trove - SquareTreasure Trove press on nails
H65 - Lovkashi Flower - SquareH65 - Lovkashi Flower - Square
red rhinestone press on nailH39 - Flaming Sex - Square
sweet elegance press on nailsH34 - Sweet Elegance - Square
valentine press on nailsvalentine press on nails
H38 - Pink Typhoon - SquareH38 - Pink Typhoon - Square
silver wind rhinestone press on nailssilver wind rhinestone press on nails
dancing spirit press on nailsH79 - Dancing Spirit - Square
H20 - Above The Clouds - SquareH20 - Above The Clouds - Square
H22 - Red Sole - SquareH22 - Red Sole - Square
fairy tale garden press on nailsfairy tale garden press on nails
H57 - Boho Rhapsody - SquareH57 - Boho Rhapsody - Square
H153 - Dare to Roar - SquareH153 - Dare to Roar - Square
H141 - Pink Bliss Blush - SquareH141 - Pink Bliss Blush - Square
H101 - Honey Bee - SquareH101 - Honey Bee - Square
berry shake press on nailsberry shake press on nails
H45 - I Can Fly - SquareH45 - I Can Fly - Square
H75 - Deep Sea Classic Rhinestone - SquareH75 - Deep Sea Classic Rhinestone - Square
H53 - Chance - SquareH53 - Chance - Square
H51 - Locomotive Girl - SquareH51 - Locomotive Girl - Square
H96 - Shimmer Blossom - SquareH96 - Shimmer Blossom - Square
Fashionable Metal Rings Size AdjustableFashionable Metal Rings Size Adjustable
Sleeping Beauty press on nailsH74 - Sleeping Beauty - Square
H60 - Pink Glitter - Squarepink French tip rhinestone press on nails
clown press on nailsclown press on nails
H139 - Clown - Square Sale priceFrom $34.99
H28 - Young Forever - SquareH28 - Young Forever - Square
Aquarius zodiac sign press on nailsAquarius zodiac sign press on nails
G1 - Nail Glue Gel 20ml for Press On Nails
H10 - Snow White - SquareH10 - Snow White - Square
safari love press on nailsH128 - Safari Love - Square
H81 - Pop Art - SquareH81 - Pop Art - Square
H61 - The Street Dancer - SquareH61 - The Street Dancer - Square
little blue bear press on nailsH132 - Little Blue Bear - Square
H142 - Snowy Moonlight - SquareH142 - Snowy Moonlight - Square
H47 - Barbie Mariposa - SquareH47 - Barbie Mariposa - Square
H11 - Dark AngelH11 - Dark Angel
H165 - Obsidian Palace Black - SquareObsidian palace press on nails
H98 - Dollar - Square
H69 - Dreamy Sky Luxury - SquareH69 - Dreamy Sky Luxury - Square
H43 - Crystals Magic - SquareH43 - Crystals Magic - Square
H162 - My Sweetie - SquareH162 - My Sweetie - Square
H94 - Rococo - SquareH94 - Rococo - Square

Press-On Nails: Lovful’s Stylish Sets!

Welcome to the cool side of Press-on Nails where your fingertips get to show off a little sparkle and a lot of style. Let’s take a moment to introduce you to our awesome range of nail sets, crafted particularly to perk up your personal style and simplify your beauty regime.

Lovful’s Glamorous Press on Nail: Salon Styles at Your Fingertips

Need a fresh mani for date night? Prepping for a girls’ night out? Or just treating yourself? Whatever the occasion, Lovful’s must-have press-on nail collection lets you flaunt flawless, salon-quality nails anytime, anywhere!

Change Up Your Style Endlessly: With Lovful’s press-ons, a whole new mani is just a quick switch away. Keep it classic with timeless French tips or make a bold statement with jewel-tone nails. Want some sparkle? Our dazzling glitters and 3D embellished designs steal the spotlight. And for nail art lovers, we’ve got trendy prints and designs galore.

Affordable Luxury Within Reach: Weekly salon visits put a dent in your wallet. But Lovful’s high-quality, reusable press-ons let you indulge in gorgeous nails without breaking the bank. One set gives you endless mani makeovers - such a steal!

Goof-Proof, Portable Application: Our press-ons make flawless application easy-peasy, even for nail rookies! No glue, no mess - simply press them on and you’re set. And when you’re ready for a new look, just pop them off. Zero damage to your natural nails!

Comfy, Flexible, Lightweight Wear: Don’t let bulky press-ons weigh you down. Lovful’s featherlight, flexible press-ons were designed for all-day comfort that moves with your nails. You’ll hardly notice you have them on! Yet they’re plenty sturdy to withstand your busy lifestyle.

Whether you’re a style trendsetter, a busy multi-tasker, or just appreciate affordable pampering - Lovful’s gorgeous press-on nails give you the freedom to flaunt a jaw-dropping mani with zero fuss. Get ready to treat yourself to simple nail fabulosity!

Get Fabulous Nails with Lovful - Shop Now!

Whether you’re a busy mom, a fashionista, or just a lover of small luxuries in life, our Press-on Nails are all you need to express your style. Experience the joy of having a salon-perfect manicure, anytime, anywhere, with Lovful’s collection of Press-on Nails. So what are you waiting for? Shop now, and bring home the goodness of fabulous nails right at your fingertips!